Case Studies

BNP Paribas

Being a European leader in global banking and financial services, BNP Paribas needed a leader in logistics to ensure the security and timeliness of their deliveries. We know that in this case, not taking our time means that they can take care of the money and that's exactly what's been happening for the last two years. We're pretty sure that's makes a lot of people very happy.

Carol Merritt, Facilities Manager

"The couriers that arrive to collect are always friendly but I've never thought that doesn't mean they don't take the job seriously. Knowing exactly where our deliveries are at all times using the tracking system means that we can put all our client's minds at rest every step of the way and that makes everybody a little happier.

The level of professionalism we experienced from day one with eCourier was a welcome relief to service that we had endured before. We knew that there must be better way and we're happy to have found it."