eCourier push-bike couriers

eCourier is a leading provider in the UK same day delivery market and we are proud that our pushbike couriers are among the best paid in London, with typical average earnings on or around the London Living Wage.

Recently the IWGB, an unrecognised union, has waged a campaign for higher rates of pay for our pushbike couriers. Despite them refusing to share with us how many people they represent within our fleet we have been talking to them for several months. We have also had extensive dialogue with our pushbike couriers.

eCourier has now introduced changes to its pay structure for its pushbike couriers to ensure that on any measure they are earning on average the LLW (London Living Wage) rate of £9.40 per hour plus some expenses.

eCourier has committed to provide cycle clothing for the regular and experienced riders free of charge and to pay them a contribution to their costs for each mile they cycle when they have logged on at their designated start point and are working.

We are pleased to have resolved this issue and may I take this opportunity to thank our customers and our couriers who have expressed their loyalty and their support for our position.

We are delighted to be able to now focus totally on the all-important job of "delivering happiness" to you, our clients.

Ian Oliver