eCourier Medical offers a complete range of healthcare courier services, combining our knowledge and experience to help deliver solutions to both the private and public sectors. As you would expect from eCourier, we also offer the most advanced technology, enabling our clients the peace of mind that their packages will arrive on-time and in one piece.

Our services include:

  • Scheduled GP / Clinic specimen collections tailored to your needs
  • ADR, Human tissue Act compliant
  • GMP awareness for transport of blood products, organs and tissue for transplant
  • Transport of pharmaceutical products, controlled drugs and vaccines
  • Transport of nuclear medicine and toxic products
  • Clinical supply, storage and replenishment
  • National and International service
  • Temperature controlled deliveries
  • General courier services for medical notes, such as X rays and mail
  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Online tracking from booking to delivery

After revolutionising the sameday courier market, using our unique technology to make our clients very happy indeed, we were looking for a market where we could add true value. Our core values are all about trust, transparency and customer service and those could not fit more perfectly with the healthcare sector.

We have added some true medical experts to our already experienced team and with a fleet of medically compliant couriers; eCourier Medical becomes an obvious choice to send your most important packages.

Not only do our clients enjoy the confidence of never losing sight of their consignment in being able to track their courier to collection and on to delivery, we'll also broadcast your courier's name and call sign, along with a countdown timer in minutes to collection and delivery for added security, both features totally unique to eCourier.

Whether you are sending organs, drugs, blood samples, or a regular envelope, eCourier Medical has the right vehicle for your consignment. eCourier are not only mindful that our consignments should be delivered in a timely manner, but should be subject to the highest possible standards of delivery, along with the highest possible level of security. Therefore eCourier are the only London Courier Company to 100% CRB and CCJ our entire fleet of couriers, along with five year employment history checks and Counter Terrorism checks, in line with our status as an approved Government supplier.

eCourier Medical already provides logistics support to the private and public sector and our experience includes NHS Trusts and Laboratories.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today:
T: 020 7565 1578